29 September 2013

Some beautiful craft patterns, and they're all free!

Here's a list of beautiful craft patterns, sewing, crochet, beading, quilting and more from Interweave - and they are all free!  There is a catch however - you may need to subscribe to a mailing list to get them. It's up to you how you deal with this catch. You can sign up, collect your pattern and then enjoy any newsletters etc you are sent. Or you can sign up, collect your pattern and then unsubscribe when you get your first newsletter (I suggest you get at least one so you can see what's on offer - you may really enjoy it). Either way, having an email folder just for these emails will help keep them under control, you'll always be able to find them and they won't be cluttering up your inbox.

Market and Tote bag patterns

Beaded jewellery patterns

Weaving patterns

Papercraft patterns, ideas and tips

Quilt embelllishment ideas e-book

7 patterns for crocheted gifts

Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

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