09 September 2013

DIY Canvas Prints

I love photos. I have them in albums and frames all over the house. I especially love favourite photos printed onto canvas. They have the look of a beautiful painting without the pain of posing or the price. You can pay to have them done (and they are not cheap, even on sale) or they are very easy to do yourself with a printer and some printable canvas.

You will need:

A photo
A printer
A sheet of printable canvas - we bought ours from Aldi, but it is readily available anywhere you can buy photo paper

Step 1. Choose your photo. If it's not already on your computer, scan it and save it to a file so you can find it easily.

Step 2. Load the printable canvas into your printer. Read the instructions on the packet - they are there so you can get the best result so follow them!

Step 3. Check that your photo will fit on the canvas. Make any adjustments you need to the photo. Pic Monkey is a good, free program that will allow you to easily edit and resize photos.

Step 4. Print your photo onto the canvas and frame it.

It really is that easy, and will take you about 5 minutes all up.

Canvas photos are nice in your home but they also make lovely gifts too.  Photos of the grandchildren for Grandma and Grandad, a group of informal wedding photos for a new bride and groom, favourite holiday snaps, beautiful scenery you've snapped in your travels. You are limited by your imagination.

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