16 September 2013

Blackboard Herb Pots

These cute little pots are a nifty way to label your herbs and a great gift for a handmade Christmas. Simply paint the  collars of terracotta pots with blackboard paint. When the paint is dry write the name of the plant on the collar in chalk. You can add watering instructions too if you have the space. When you change the plant, just wipe the name off with a damp cloth.

Terracotta pots are inexpensive and available at any garden centre and some $2 and discount stores.

Blackboard paint can be bought in spray cans or in small tins at any hardware shop.

To use these as gifts grow herbs from seed; a packet of seed costs around $1 and you'll get a lot of plants from one packet. If you plant the seeds now the plants will be a good size and ready for giving by Christmas.

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