13 September 2013

The Shopping List

Use the pantry, fridge and freezer inventories and the menu plan to start your shopping list. Write down everything you need and the quantities. Unless it is something really important don't be brand precious. Remember, flour is flour, sugar is sugar and there is bound to be one brand on sale most of the time.

Use your junk mail or hop online to find the specials available. If you have something on your list that is on sale, make a note of the price and the store on your shopping list. Then check it with your price book and if it's a great sale price you may be able to add some to your stockpile too.

To make shopping day easier have your shopping list split into sections. Splitting by store seems the easiest method, listing what you are going to buy under each store means you won't miss getting anything and you'll save time not having to search through a long list to find things.

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