03 September 2013

This Government Aims to Provide Free Solar Power to it's Poorest Citizens

Every now and then I get sent a story that restores my faith in commonsense and good government, and well, in people.  This is one of those stories (I've been sitting on it for a while, thinking about it). I've done as much digging as I can and from what I can find it is true: Peru is going to provide free solar power to 2 million of it's poorest citizens.

Given that Peru has a population of around 24 million (about the size of Australia's) and only about 66 per cent of the population have access to electricity, this will change the lives of so many people, at a cost of around $200 million USD (approximately $221 million AUD).

So think about this. If one of the poorest countries in the world can do this, why can't we? Imagine the impact we'd have on greenhouse gases if another 2 million Australians had access to solar power? And think of this: the national debt right now is forecast to peak at $370 BILLION  - spending $221 million on getting solar energy into Australian homes is less than 1 per cent of that debt!

Now I realise that because we live in the lucky country  to get free solar power to 2 million people that figure of $221 million would blow out, but even if it doubled or tripled it would still be cheap, considering the consequences of continuing to use traditional methods to power our homes, businesses and lifestyle.

I also realise it's a pipe dream. We live in a capitalistic society (and I have no problem with capitalism at all) so unless there is a way for the power companies and the Government and everyone else involved to not just make money, but to continue to make money from such a scheme it won't happen.

Wouldn't it be nice if Australia could be the first industrialized country in the world to be generating and using more solar energy than that generated by coal-fired or even natural gas fired power stations?

It is a nice pipe dream.

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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOH I wish I wish that this was happening in Australia!!!!!!!!!!! It is ridiculous that we now have a government in power that doesnt believe in global warming or that we should be looking at reducing our emissions. (Cause this doesnt happen) Good for you Peru. I hope that many more countries will follow your lead.
    Karen Gillanders


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