27 September 2013

Use Old Quotes as a Bargaining Tool When Haggling the Price Down

This tip is for those wishing to undertake some home improvements that we all know with large jobs can be quite costly.

Everyone knows you should get at least 3 quotes before making a decision. My tip takes the idea of seeing if competitors can do better further. We wanted to get solar heating installed for our pool.

We originally obtained 2 quotes after the pool was built and found them to be quite pricey. The first was $2,990 and the second $3,150.00. We simply could not afford this so we filed away the quotes and kept them for when we could .

It has taken us 2 years but we finally have the money so started the quote process again, assuming as it has been 2 years the price had probably gone up. We called out the company that originally quoted $3,150.00 (the company that quoted $2,990.00 was no longer in business) and we showed the original 2 quotes we obtained and was told they could do better than that.

True to their word they quoted only $2,900 - $90 less than our cheapest quote 2 years before and $250 cheaper than their quote all because we asked. What we learned was that companies will better their own quotes if you have it in writing and keep quotes when the cost is more than you can afford as they are a bargaining tool when you have saved the funds.
Contributed by Kay

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