06 September 2013

What are gel bags

Christine wrote "Can I ask what are the ‘Gel Bags’ for food are that are being
talked about?  Where are they available from?"

Of course you can Christine.

Gel bags are bags designed especially for storing fruit and vegetables. They do an amazing job of keeping them fresh for longer in the fridge.

You can find them in the wrap aisle of your supermarket, in boxes of 8, for around $2.99. These bags are re-usable, over and over again. I've been using my original 5 (they came in packs of 5 back then) for about 7 years and they are still going strong. Store one type of fruit or vegetable in each bag to keep food not only fresh but useable for up to three weeks.

Great for leafy greens, especially ice berg lettuce that has a tendency towards turning to slime when stored in plastic bags, cabbage and cauliflower. 

They are also really handy if you live alone. My mother buys bags of carrots and apples, far too many for her to get through on her own before they go off. When she gets them home she transfers them to her gel bags. She needs to buy more before the apples start to wrinkle or the carrots get hairy. Mum loves not having to freeze the food to keep it and she especially loves not throwing food out because she can't use it fast enough.

I use them along with my Tupperware and Lock'n'Lock containers because they do what they are designed to do and I'm happy to suggest to anyone that they are worth trying.

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  1. Might be a silky question, but after each use do you just rinse them out and dry with a teatowel to be able to use them again?

    1. Well you could, I just put them in the washing machine with the tea towels and dishcloths and then hang them on the line or peg them to the edge of the clotheshorse to dry.

    2. No way! Would never have thought to do that. I had some of these but stop buying them as I found washing and drying them by hand to re-use them was just a nightmare. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I had only just started using these recently, and had no idea that they could be re-used. Thanks Cath.

  3. Good timing. I am single and sick of throwing food away. I bought 2 boxes of the bagsyesterday. But I didn't know they could be reused for that long. I was going to look at other alternatives.


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