23 September 2013

Practical Gift Hampers Cheapskates Style

Take a basket or a bucket or even a tub, pack it with useful, interesting and frugal ingredients and what do you have? A very practical, totally wonderful Cheapskates Style gift hamper!

Pack your hamper with:
A box of Cheapskates washing powder and a copy of the recipe
2 cakes of Stain Removing Soap and a copy of the recipe
A bottle of Miracle Spray and a copy of the recipe
A spray bottle of Super Shower Cleaner and a copy of the recipe
2 knitted dishcloths

For a laundry hamper take a bucket and fill it with:
A copy of the Cheapskates Washing Powder Tip Sheet
1 tub borax
1 packet laundry soap
1 packet of washing soda
A grater

For a cleaning hamper take a tub and fill it with
A knitted dishcloth 
A packet of washing soda
A box of bicarbonate soda
A bottle of Eucalyptus oil
A bottle of white vinegar
A grater
A spray bottle
Vileda Naturals All Purpose Scouring Pads 
A copy of Cleaning with the Super Six 

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