10 February 2016

​An Easy Way to Sort and Treat Stained Laundry

With a tradie husband and kids who play sport and me being a very messy cook and gardener, stains are inevitable. Unfortunately they always seem to happen on good clothes so I'm always looking for ways to treat them. I use Miracle Spray on most stains and fabrics (test it first if you're not sure) and Stain Removing Soap for those stubborn, older stains and the yellow underarm area on t-shirts.

A big help in getting rid of stains is finding them early. Jena's advice works - I've been doing this for years. I even have a stain bucket in the laundry and everyone knows to drop any stained laundry straight into it.

​An Easy Way to Sort and Treat Stained Laundry

Approximate $ Savings: $2.00 per week

​ Stains on clothes are much easier to remove if you find them before you wash, so hang a bag in the laundry for clothes with stains. The stain can be treated at once and not found after washing and drying. Even small children can recognise a stain and put their dirty items in the special bag. This saves double washing and allows stain treatment before it sets. Ordinary dish detergent is great for removing grease stains and some diluted in a spray bottle will make pre-treating easier.
Contributed by Jena

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