24 February 2016

​Not So Flat Batteries

Batteries are the bane of my life!

OK, that's probably an exaggeration but they always go flat at the most inconvenient moment and then seem like such a waste of money to me. As a family we don't have too many battery operated items these days:
  • the mouses for our computers
  • the kitchen clock
  • the loungeroom clock
  • my labeller :)

There are batteries in our cameras too, but they are rechargeable (thank goodness, they cost a fortune to replace). And of course our phones, again rechargeable.

We swapped to wind-up torches and a wind-up radio a few years ago and they're brilliant. We have a torch in each of the cars, one each in our camping bags, one in the camping food box and Wayne keeps one in his tool box in the car. We use the wind-up radio when we go camping and feel the need to catch up with the rest of the world (doesn't happen often though :) ).

When the kids were small we had a few battery operated toys and we switched to rechargeable batteries for those. We asked for batteries and a charger for Christmas one year and Wayne's Mum gave us one of the best gifts we've ever had.

Now they're grown up and we don't have toys in the house any more so our battery use and cost has gone down considerably.

Next time the battery in my mouse needs changing I'll keep it for when one of the clocks slows down and try Lynette's tip.

Not So Flat Batteries

Approximate $ Savings: $4

I have been throwing out my batteries to a light I have in the toilet, I had a idea this last time to try them in my wall clock and my clock is still working a month later with the same battery I would have thrown out. Then my alarm clock needed a new battery so I used the other "flat" battery and it is working fine two weeks later. I have saved buying two batteries. My next lot of batteries I will keep are my from my small torch to see if they will work as well. I am amazed that instead of throwing them out I have them still working in another item.
Contributed by Lynette Stewart

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