23 February 2016

The Week that Was - 23/02/2016

I didn't post an update last week, it was a busy week, with the Adelaide workshop happening on top of  a lot of other things. Let's just say it was a very busy week and I'm glad it's over.

This past week has been busy too, but usual busy.

I've made lots of pasta sauce. So far I've cooked 30 kilos tomatoes and bagged and frozen it in two cup lots.

We've continue to save shower water for plants, or adding to the washing machine or washing the floors. Someone asked me about using cold water to wash the floors - it's not! It goes into the steam mop to do the kitchen, bathroom and laundry floors on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On the other days I either tip it into the washing machine or use it to water the pot plants.

Cooked all our meals from scratch.

Bought broccoli for 99c/kilo. Five kilos blanched, portioned into meal sizes, vac sealed and into the freezer for winter.

Bought bananas for 39c/kilo. We're eating them this week instead of the other fruit. The apples will keep in the fridge for another week.

Bananas for 39c a kilo, a welcome bargain and blessing for our grocery budget

Used my mad money to buy a leg of lamb from Tasman. At $6.99/kilo it's the cheapest lamb has been around here for a long time. And it was a treat for Wayne. Sliced and froze the leftovers in gravy for another roast lamb meal next month.

Gratefully accepted some rosemary from Joy. I used some on the lamb roast and it was delicious. I keep opening the jar and smelling it. Freshly dried, it smells so much better than what you buy from the shop.

Carol brought us a big bunch of rhubarb and made Wayne's day. I used it to make a rhubarb crumble last night and Wayne has called dibs on the leftovers.

Wendy brought two big bags of groceries with her on Saturday. Some yummy cereal for me (and I'm keeping the single serves for when we travel for workshops ;) ), and my favourite tea (no longer available in Australia :( ) and a real treat that the boys just loved - kabana.

A gift of groceries from Wendy, including my very favourite tea that's no longer available in Australia

Maureen very kindly brought Wayne a gift of a Puffing Billy DVD, a train magazine and a beautiful model steam train that was her father's. He's still overwhelmed at her generosity and kindness and he's watched the DVD twice already. I know it will get at least another screening when his Dad arrives in a fortnight :)

Spent the day on Saturday with six wonderful friends, lots of talking, drinking tea, and laughing and a little card making done.

Some of the cards made at the February card making day

What I'm hoping to accomplish this week:

Pull out zucchini plants
Process any zucchini that are left
Trim the tomatoes
Finish making pasta sauce with tomatoes from garden - done at last!
Baking - whole orange cake, choc chip muffins, Lunchbox Cookies, boiled fruit cake
Make fig jam - waiting on figs from Mum's fig tree
Trim the roses along the driveway
Sort and tidy the kitchen dresser. Donate unwanted/no longer needed items. - done
Sort and tidy the spice cupboard - this is a priority job, it really is out of control
Sort and tidy the craft drawers - started. I keep getting distracted by ideas for blog posts and stopping to jot them down!


  1. Sounds like a lovely week. 39c a kilo for bananas?! Amazing! I was just saying to my hubby that we haven't had any really cheap prices here in WA on fruit in ages. Bananas right now are still $2.50 a kilo on sale. Luckily I have a heap in my freezer from when I found some not perfect ones reduced. I sliced them up, snap froze and then put them in freezer bags. This way they are perfect for smoothies, banana cake or nice cream :)

    1. Dear Mel, when Aldi arrive cheap bananas follow! Just happened here! Amazing. Love Annabelxxx

  2. Very productive week Cath. I thought you would have had to be tired after whirlwind Adelaide trip but it sounds like you had many more things as well! Your freezer is full of good things! Have another great week, love Annabelxxx

  3. Hi Cath, glad to hear Wayne is enjoying the train DVD and the rest. Those Bananas were a great buy, I just wish I had bought more. I think you will be dreaming of Tomatoes. Your cards look lovely, xxx


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