26 February 2016

​Cash or Debit? Depends on the Total

When I go shopping for anything I wait until the total is rung up before I decide to pay by debit card or pay cash (sometimes I know beforehand). If the amount is rounded up when cash is paid, then I pay by debit because it is an exact amount and I therefore pay less. If it would be rounded down, then I pay cash. This saves me up to .02c every time I purchase....not much but it adds up. Living the Cheapskate way has meant that because I am so conscious of spending now I virtually don't have big issues to worry about. As the old saying goes "Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves"....well nearly.
​Contributed by Wendy

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  1. I now pay by debit card as last year I opened an account & I get 2 per cent back on all pay wave purchases.


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