28 February 2016

The Week that Was 28/02/2016

I haven't spent any money - or rather any of my money - this week. I have had a shopping fix though - AJ wanted new clothes and of course I took Mum grocery shopping on Thursday. Looks like I'll end No Spend February with only 5 days of spending!

Finished the trim on three face washers for the bathroom.

Sprayed the pavers with white vinegar to keep the weeds down. Used the outdoor broom to sweep away the dead weeds.

Dropped off and collected the ironing from Mum. Gotta love a free ironing lady :)

Called Medicare re a refund that hasn't come through after almost three weeks. It appeared the next day. It pays to keep an eye on things like this. It's easy to forget to check when they're supposed to go straight into your bank account. This was a considerable refund too - $78.

All the washing was done in cold water, using Cheapskates Washing Powder and line dried.

We all caught the cold water in the showers in buckets. I used it to water the pot plants and the fruit trees - no rain last week.

Sprayed the citrus trees with MOO white oil.

Picked, washed, processed and bagged zucchini, capsicum and eggplant from the garden and froze for winter.

Finally managed to make fig jam.

Finished making pasta sauce - all done now for another year or so - 61 packets of pasta sauce in the freezer.

Trimmed the tomato plants - they're still flowering so I'm reluctant to pull them out just yet.

Pulled out the zucchini plants.

Made Whole Orange Cake into cupcakes, choc chip muffins and a boiled fruit cake.

Filled the car up with petrol when it was 93.7c - total spend $57 for the fortnight. Put $13 into the petrol slush fund.

Made a few more cards before I packed the craft things away.

Collected an empty box from the supermarket to use as a template to make storage containers for craft papers. Square containers large enough to take the 30cm papers are up to $43 each! Even the $2 containers from cheap shops are out of my budget so these cartons may be the answer.

Sorted, tidied and cleaned the craft drawers without spending any money on storage containers. I re-purposed some I already had and scrounged others for free. Donated a big bag of excess craft materials to the op shop.

Bought lots of grapes @$1.99/kg and more bananas @ 50c/kg for the fruit bowl. This is a big saving, when there is fruit to eat I don't need to bake. The fruit seems to sooth everyone's sweet tooth and it's better for us.

What I hope to accomplish this week:

Sort and tidy the spice cupboard - this is a priority job, it really is out of control (I seem to have a mental block about this chore, it just keeps hanging on)
Plant mini cabbage, mini cauliflower, broccoli seeds
Stocktake both bathroom cupboards - Done with inventories!
Start getting winter clothes ready and summer clothes ready to be put away

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  1. You've accomplished a lot Cath, i love the face washers and your cards. The figs look gorgeous,i love fig jam and i always remember that it was my nan favorite jam and she always shared it with me :) I have my herbs and spices on shelves in the kitchen and they really need a tidy up to so i maybe i get that done tomorrow while im cooking dinner :) Oh i finally did my bedroom today, sorted out a heap of clothes, kept and put away what i wanted to keep, put 1 large bag out to go to the op shop and 1 smaller bag to cut up for shed rags. I even put 1 pile aside to recycle, i.e take in, up or generally make it better. Ive decided that im not buying anything new this year ( if i can) and only op shop items that i can re-vamp. Im at least going to try to do that anyway xoxo Have a great week :)

    1. Karen our wardrobe looks like it has exploded at the moment. I have piles everywhere - mending, to put away, donate and just piles that need to be put away. Good luck with your goal, you'll have a full wardrobe easily if you just shop at the op shops, and you won't spend a fortune.

  2. That is the cutest card, Cath! And I have never seen such a huge bunch of table grapes all in one place! :) Thanks for your posts on "The Week that Was"...I always enjoy them!

    xxJen in NS

    1. Not many grapes left now Jen, we've been enjoying them all week. I've been having a bunch with a banana for lunch each day and they're so sweet, they've certainly soothed my sweet tooth.

  3. Hi Cath, could you tell me a bit more about your comment "made Whole Orange Cake into cupcakes...etc"?
    thanks, Kimberley

    1. Instead of one big cake I made the batter into cupcakes. They take about 12 - 15 minutes to bake depending on the size of the cup cake/muffin tin you use.


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