22 February 2016

Modern Take on a Needleworkers Chatelaine

Trash or treasure? In this case an old fashioned mug tree can be a Cheapskate's treasure - paint it to match your sewing room

Today's tip of the day is one that will help keep sewing and embroidery projects organised, even if you don't have a permanent sewing/craft table set up. I don't, but when I'm sewing I try to do a few things at once so the sewing machine, overlocker and sewing box are out and set-up for a few days.

This tip helps to keep track of my scissors, unpickers, tape measures etc. and it helps to keep the table tidy. I found my mug tree at the op shop for $1. A sheet of sandpaper, a tin of spray craft paint and some pretty decals from the $2 shop transformed it into something I am happy to look at.

Modern Take on a Needleworkers Chatelaine

This is a great hint for sewers who have a sewing room or craft table permanently set up. Use a mug tree (yes one of those horrid old fashioned wooden things from the '70s) to hang your scissors, tape measures etc. on. If you can find one of the older wooden ones with the knobbly end it stops things slipping off quite so easily. The more modern ones have either turned up ends or a rubber stopper type of thing on the end. You can often find them in op shops but they are also available in most department and homewares type shops too.
Contributed by Penny Pinchin' Mum

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