29 February 2016

Super Easy, Super Cute Easter Baskets

Use them for Easter, for birthday parties, to hold small gifts - these very cute, super easy little baskets are quick and inexpensive and a great way to use up that stash of paper or cardstock you have.

Make them larger, from 30cm cardstock, line them with a paper doyley and they're perfect for delivering a gift of home baked muffins or biscuits too.

You will need: 
18cm square of heavy paper or cardstock
1 x 30cm  strip of paper or cardstock 2.5cm wide (handle)
2 brads
Fancy scissors (optional, but they give a pretty edge to the baskets)

Step 1. Score your paper into three columns 6cm wide. Then score three rows 6cm wide. You'll have a grid of nine squares on your paper (see the template).

Note: You can make these baskets any size, as long as your square can be divided into nine equal sections.

Step 2.  Cut the decorative edge along the edges parallel to the red lines (see the template).

Step 3. Cut on the red lines.

Step 4. Fold the paper on all score lines, with the decorative side to the outside.

Step 5.  Punch a hole in the centre of each end of the basket handle about 2.5cm from the edge. Punch a hole in the centre of each end of the strip of paper for the handle about 2.5cm from the edge.

Step 6. Fold the two corner squares so they overlap each other and the centre square on one side of the basket. The centre square should be on the inside of the corner squares.

Step 7.  Punch a hole in the centre, through all three layers, about 2.5cm down.  Put one end of the handle between the two corner squares and the centre square, and attach a brad through all the layers. Repeat for the other side.

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