08 February 2016

Doiley Dishes

A completed doiley dish - so pretty and so simple to make

I love doileys. I have them all over the place. Under photos, under vases, under the old scales on the kitchen dresser. I have them on our bedside tables and on top of the tall boy in the hallway. I've added them to pillowslips to pretty them up. I've cut them in half and used them to trim hand towels. Doileys are very useful decorative items.

One really cute way I've used them is to make dishes. Yes, real dishes. They can be used for sweets or nuts, they can be used in the bathroom to hold guest soaps or cotton balls. They can be used on your dressing table to hold jewellery (this is what I use mine for).

They are really easy to make, inexpensive and lovely.

If you're following Annabel's Christmas Challenge over at The Bluebirds are Nesting then they make gorgeous, unique and budget friendly gifts too.

You will need:
A doiley - lace or linen
A glass bowl
White glue (PVA glue)

Step 1. Make sure your doiley fits over the upside down bowl.

Step 2. Measure equal quantities of PVA glue and water to make a thin paste. The quantities are going to depend on the size of your doiley, the bigger the doiley the more mixture you'll need.

Step 3. Soak your doiley in the PVA mixture. Gently squeeze the excess out so it's not dripping but still wet.

Step 4. Drape the doiley over the upturned bowl, situating it so it's even.

Step 5. Put the doiley draped bowl somewhere safe to dry. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Step 6. After 24 hours carefully slip the doiley off the bowl and there you have it - your very own doiley bowl.

Get adventurous with your bowls. I love the doiley dish I made using a ridged bowl - the shape is just stunning and it was so easy - just make sure you press the doiley into the design on your bowl so it sets completely.

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