03 February 2016

You'll Fall in Love with Aldi

You'll fall in love with Aldi Adelaide

The Art of Aldi Shopping the Cheapskates Way Workshop

At last I can announce the details of this extra special workshop in Adelaide.

When: Friday 12th February 2016

Where: Aldi Hallet Cove, Hallett Cove Shopping Centre, Lonsdale Road, Hallett Cove

What time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Cost: $30 per person

What makes this workshop so special?

Well, apart from Wendy and me, we'll actually have the store to ourselves from 8:30pm!

Yes, you'll be able to shop.

Yes, there will be gifts and handouts and other fun stuff for everyone who comes along.

Yes, there will be someone from Aldi there to answer your questions.

Yes, places are limited - we can only have 30 participants at this workshop.

Yes, it will be worth it. Trust me - you'll fall in love with Aldi and if you're already an Aldi fan you'll fall even more in love with Aldi before the end of this special workshop!

Click here to book your seat!


  1. Cant wait anf its 5 mins from me

  2. I rarely shop at Aldi. I find it depressing. I'm not impressed by the quality of their vegetables/fruit. As I only have to shop for myself I find I can shop frugally at Coles, which also has very pleasant cashiers.

    1. I don't normally publish anonymous comments, but I'd like to answer this one.

      Aldi source their fresh produce (meat, poultry, fish, dairy, fruit and veg) locally. That means what we buy in Victoria may be slightly different to what is available in the other states. That's a great thing. They also don't stockpile fruit and veg in coolstores for months on end. Another great thing. I wrote a post about Aldi fruit and veg and why I like the fact that it "goes hairy". Shopping for a family at Coles is beyond my budget, even buying just store brands and the quality and the provenance of the stock is questionable. Aldi go out of their way to source Australian produce - either made, owned or made and owned. My local Coles has lovely staff too, as does my local Woolworths.

    2. I love Aldi! I have found that their fruit and veg are very good quality (certainly better than our local Foodland!) and also well-priced. I have also been very pleased with every single item we have bought there. There has not been one food item in their own brands that we have not liked - in fact, many we have found better than the big 'named brands' available. The meat we have bought has been very high quality, and I love being able to get the continental meats we enjoy eating. Staff are extremely well-trained and friendly. That said, so are the staff in our local Foodland (no Coles or Woolworths here). :)

  3. I wish Aldi would come to Hobart in Tasmania it's not fair that the rest of Aust. Can shop at this store and we cannot how can we get this to happen please answer me

    1. Go to their website and let them know you'd like to see them in Tasmania.


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